Why Should You Buy Platinum Engagement Rings?

Platinum still remains as one of the most famous ring options, but everyone has their own reason to buy one. Here are the reasons to why you should always buy platinum engagement or proposal ring in Singapore:

  • It is pure

Platinum always uses highest metal grade as platinum is 95 percent pure. The other 5 percent entails iridium, palladium, ruthenium and other alloys.

  • It is rare

White gold is also considered rare, apart from platinum, but the latter is thirty times rare tan gold. Annually, over 2700 tonnes of gold is transformed into jewelry while 90 tons of platinum is mind only for jewelry.

  • The color tends to last

As these rings have to be worn for the rest of our lives, the color of the platinum never seems to fade.

  • It is Non-Corrosive

As platinum does bear a natural patina, it doesn’t tarnish or corrode. In other words, the ring metal tends to last for a lifetime. This is a perfect ring metal for making engagement ring as it is strong and bears natural beauty.

  • It is durable

As it tends to last a lifetime, it is also a durable metal too. And because of the same, it is a very rare case that a platinum engagement ring may need extra reinforcement.

  • Platinum Strength Settings

One of the key reasons to why people go for platinum as their engagement rings is because of its additional strength settings over gold. While gold is malleable, but platinum is very, very resistant to breaking. This makes it ideal for an engagement ring as it helps in securing the diamond center stone. But even though platinum has extra strength due to its resistance to corrosion, you cannot break it easily. It is just more durable

  • It is Hypoallergenic

As many people are allergic to using precious metals, platinum is the cure or the solution. The purity of these rings means that the wear wouldn’t have to be concerned about being sensitive to the metal. The natural properties of platinum makes it as ideal hypoallergenic alternative.

  • It is heft

Platinum weighs over more than 40 percent than gold. As a matter of fact, it overweighs 14k gold by 60 percent! The extra weight makes the metal extra special. And men like wearing hefty wedding bands as well.

  • It is love

Eventually, platinum is loved because it tends to last forever. As marriage is a lifetime commitment, let the ring signify the same.


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