Three kinds of followers you will meet buying Instagram followers

Buying followers for your Instagram account has never been considered a good thing because of the harm it deals to your account in the end. That is why you will see so many websites encouraging you to grow your followership on Instagram through the traditional organic way. When you buy cheap Instagram followers, there are three main types of followers you will receive. This article will highlight three types of fake followers so that you can have an idea of what to expect when you are buying. Buying followers on Instagram has never been a good thing because there is a lot of suspicion surrounding this business that it is hard to trust people.

Ghost followers

One major type of followers that buyers of Instagram followers end up with are ghost followers. These followers re generated from old or inactive accounts. That means that if your aim of buying followers is to get more engagement, you will end up disappointed because these followers are not active on Instagram anymore.

One way to identify ghost followers is by looking at the posts on those accounts. You will notice that the last post on any ghost account is from a very long time ago. This happens because the account was active at some point and the user used to post content, but then they stopped and the account became inactive. Thus, no further advantage is to be expected from such accounts. These accounts will show up as a number in your account because they can be counted among followers, but no engagement should be expected.

Bot follower

The second category of followers is called bot followers. These are followers that are generated by bots. The purpose of these accounts being created is to promote products or to engage other Instagram accounts on the platform.

One way to recognize a bot follower is by the spammy comments they generate. You will notice that they make comments that have nothing to do with the topic of the content you post. Secondly, these accounts can be recognized by the lack of posts on them. Bots usually do not make posts on their own accounts and as such, if you see an account that lacks any posts, it may mean that it is a bot account. In case the bot makes posts on its own account, the posts will be very irrelevant and spammy.

Another sign you can use to recognize bot followers is by their name. Bot accounts usually have very fake names. The names will contain weird characters, numbers, and letters. The names also have weirdly capitalized letters.

Fake followers

Fake followers are similar in characteristics to ghost accounts with the sole difference being that their sole purpose is to boost numbers in other accounts. The accounts were created by real people who had no intention of using them for any meaningful use except to act as followers on other accounts. All the three accounts provide no engagement and have no interest in the content you post, so you may have to ask yourself why you need to buy them in the first place.


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