Features to consider when buying canvas for paint by numbers

You might have realized that when doing paint by numbers, there are several features that you have to consider when you shop around for the canvas and the initial search might be quite overwhelming. Before you find the perfect choice, you need to think about the features and what could be the best support for your art work.

The features include but are not limited to the following:


Just like any other art supplies, the canvas quality tends to vary significantly. The materials which are cheap such as calico and muslin are still known to be enjoyable to paint on but they will not last for a long time. Something which is more expensive such as cotton or linen might bring out better results.


Most products for canvas meant for arts have been primed in such a way that it makes them to be more receptive when it comes to paint and to last longer. You have to look for something which matches your paint such as a universally primed surface or an acrylic primer.


If you purchase canvas which is already stretched on a board it means that you will need to know the actual measurements of what you are going to paint. It can be a challenge if you are an artist as it denotes that you will be restricted on whatever you are going to work on. There are three categories; large, medium and small with the largest size being 36 inches by 48 inches and the smallest being 4 inches by 6 inches.  The mini canvases are normally under 4 inches by 6 inches but not usually used for the paint by numbers.


A shape which is rectangular of a canvas is the one that is most common as it is something that you will commonly find on most paint by numbers which feature with their image. You have the option of mixing it up with the circular or square canvas but you should expect that you are going to pay more.


Materials which are cheaper start at a very low as few dollars and then extend to hundreds of dollars for the higher quality. The shape and size will also affect the total cost of the canvas and how it is to be prepared.


There are some few choices which are considered when it comes to canvas materials as they are likely to impact the receptiveness of the paintbrush,, the longevity, durability and the price with the common choices the natural materials such as cotton, linen, hessian and muslin.

Finding the ideal foundation for your art

The support or surface you pick for your painting will impact on various parts of it. Canvas is the highest choice for beginners as well as serious artist. It give you a reliable and smooth surface to work with, ensuring that you get the very best of outcomes from your paintbrush.

There are a lot of considerations to make when choosing a canvas as well as many factors to check out for as they  will impact on the outcome of your painting.